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Hi!  My name is Jillian.  When I was a young one, I started working as a Cheesemonger at a little place called The Grapevine. It was heaven. New cheeses almost every day. The scents, the fact that I "had" to try new cheeses constantly, the excitement in people's eyes when they ate them! And did I mention the wine?! Yummm!


But, alas, The Grapevine was sold a few years later and it was time to move on from cheese heaven. So, in 2002 I started a job in tech. I got to live in some other interesting places, and I liked what I did, but my heart was always in Capitola (and with cheese).


In 2012 I left my tech job, came back home, and had some time to settle back into my town. And I realized that there was no place nearby to get cheese. Now, I know there are a lot of places to get cheese here (great places!), but I was looking for really special cheeses. Cheeses that I hadn't sunk my teeth into since I was a young monger.


And that's when it clicked that Santa Cruz County needs a cheese shop.  At that moment my mission was clear...Get these amazing people their cheese!

Cheese Shop 831's beginning as told by Edible Monterey Magazine

Update from Monterey Edible Magazine 1/13/2023

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