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Cheese and wine at the beach

Cut-to-order Gourmet Cheese

Cheese Shop 831 is an artisanal Cheese Shop specializing in cut-to-order gourmet cheeses.

What makes cut-to-order different? 


Cheeses that come from the wheel will always last longer (saving you $$$), taste better, and you can take home as much, or as little, as you'd like...which means no more guilt over not being able to finish that whole block of cheese!

With over 120 cheeses from all around the world, we have the favorites, but we also love bringing in the small batch, fun, and hard-to-come-by cheeses so you'll never get bored.

With so many options and a regular influx of new and exciting cheese, we know it can be hard to decide on what you want to take home.  This is why tasting is highly encouraged and we have knowledgeable and helpful staff to offer suggestions and walk you through every step of the way.

And if you are a cheese novice, don't worry...Our motto is "The only thing you need to know about cheese is if you like it!"

At Cheese Shop 831 we want you to find new cheeses to love... Come on in to find your new favorite!

Pepperoni pizza grilled cheese

Come see us for:


Rare Local Small Batch Artisanal Cheese
Brie, Apple & Honey Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese & More

We are serving up delicious and innovative gourmet grilled cheeses, as well as seasonal sides like:


  • Bavarian soft pretzels w/ herbed cheese dip

  • Truffle & Parmigiano Reggiano popcorn

  • House-made mac-and-cheese

  • Beet & goat cheese salad with balsamic reduction

Our menu rotates every 2 weeks!


You can find menu updates on Instagram or Facebook, or give us a call at 831-515-7406.

Greek Grilled Cheese
Wedding Cheese Cake
Gouda Wheels
Wedding Cake
Wedding Platter
Rare Cheeses of the World
Cheese tasting box
Grilled Cheese Stretch
Tasting Box Sample Cheese
Fleur du Maquis French Herb Sheep Cheese
Taleggio Italian Cheese
Jumi Truffle Raclette Switzerland
Cute Goat Jumping Kid

3555 Clares st.

Capitola, CA 95010

In Brown Ranch Marketplace



Wed-Sat: 11am-6pm

Sun: 11am-3pm

Mon/Tues: Closed

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